The first lecture of the second phase of Feixiang Forum: Finding the Source of Motivation in Life


Published: 2020.11.18

Introduction of the speaker:

Liu Yiqing, 87 alumnus of the School of Communication and Electronic Engineering, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the School of Communication and Electronic Engineering, responsible professor of communication engineering, secretary-general of the Shanghai Institute of Electronics, and leader of the expert group of the Shanghai Division of the Chinese Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition. He once served as a senior executive of many domestic and foreign companies, including Shanghai Radio and Television Design and Development Co., Ltd. and Silicon quest Shanghai, and returned to East China Normal University in 2007. He established the Hundred Top ICT Engineer Training Program in 2008, and established the Communication Engineering Elite Education Practice Class in 2014. His goal is to train 100 top hardware engineers in the ICT industry. He has won the first prize of Shanghai Higher Education Teaching Achievement, East China Normal University Teacher Ethics Pacemaker, Shanghai Education Talent Award, etc.