Discovery and exploration of new principles, new materials and new processes are the constant themes for the construction of micro-nano devices and systems. Flexible electronics is causing a paradigm shift in electronics. With the rapid development of computer software and hardware technology and electronic products, and the combination of material technology, structural mechanics, sensors, communication technology, artificial intelligence, biology and other advanced technologies, various micro-nano functional devices and intelligent systems represented by new flexible devices are developing in the direction of mass, fashion, practicality and functionality, and become the basis and prerequisite for building a ubiquitous and intelligent environment and even a smart earth in the future. The exploration and discovery of various new physical sensitive mechanisms, the construction of various new devices, the development and modification of various sensing materials, driving materials and self-healing materials will all provide a broad space for development of intelligent flexible sensors and new energy devices.

The Micro-nano Sensor and Intelligent System team takes the common scientific issues that plague the field of flexible electronics as the research goal, focuses on the processing technology of flexible electronic devices, material integration technology, device integration technology and other fields, launches research on common scientific issues, and strives to develop and build new types of micro-nano sensor devices and various intelligent systems. To provide support for AI smart applications, the team has achieved innovative results in various flexible sensor arrays, micro-energy devices, micro-nano systems, etc.